Our company offers complete rental solutions in refrigeration and commercial equipment in order to cover every need for event or exhibition.

You can find below and download the rental product catalogue via the link.

Rental Cataligue

Terms and Conditions

  • Its under clients dept to arrange staff for the goods receipt and dispatch.
  • Its under clients dept to deliver the goods in good condition, including the original packing and the relative spare parts.
  • Its under clients dept to contact with the company in case that he will need sticker and banner up to this products.
  • The delivery date is one day before the start of the exhibition or event.
  • The return date is one day after the exhibition or event end.
  • Delivery place: the transportation company choise is in clients charge.
  • Tax of 24% is not included to the cost.

Contact Details

  • Phone: 2394053033
  • Mobile: 6988169458
  • email: sales@topfrost.gr

Bank Accounts

  • Alpha Bank: 528 00200 200 3793    IBAN: GR91 0140 5280 5280 0200 200 3793

  • Euro Bank: 0026 0125 81 0201020414   IBAN: GR520 260 125 0000 810 201020 414

  • Beneficiary: Α.ΤΣΕΚΛΙΔΗΣ & ΣΙΑ Ε.Ε.