Product Catalogue

You can take a look to our complete product catalogue, including total refrigeration solution and the commercial equipment according to the needs of each customer.

More specific, you will find display coolers, food & drink freezers, wine coolers, supermarket coolers, inox refrigerators, stainless steel units, blast chiler - shock freezer, salad bar - ben marie, pastry cabinets, ice cream cabinets, Italian cold rooms, convection ovens, dishwashers, ice machines, promo coolers, planetary mixer, spiral dough kneader, meat slicers, cheese graters, meat mincer, food processor, potato peelers, fat fryers, griddle. 

Rental Catalogue

In our rental catalogue you will find variety of display coolers, 4 side glassed coolers, self service cabinets, serve over counters, wine coolers, freezers, promo coolers.

The products are delivered one day before the start of the exhibition or event and they should return back after the end of the exhibition or event.

Bakery & Pastry Segment

German professional bakery and pastry segments in different variety sizes, convection italian ovens, italian pastry cabinets and upright inox coolers or freezers.

Commercial Refrigerators Super Market

German self service gabinets Linde/Carrier with remote unit, Turkish self service cabinets with plugin unit, German refrigeration condensing inverter unit Copeland, Turkish serve over counters with straight glass, Topfrost branded inox counter fridges, Topfrost branded inox sink with footpedal.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Stick blender, food processor, cheese graters, tray trolley gastronom, cold rooms, counter fridges, deep fryers, tilting pan, boiling pan, oven with gas ranges.