• Our general rule is that the company makes the product service in our premises.
  • Specifically apply the below.
  • Devices under warranty:
  • There is no extra cost about repair or spare parts in case in case that the device arrives in our premises for operation control.
  • The same exists if the operatio control will be done in the retailer premises.
  • In case that clients desire is the repair to be done in the final users registered offices, then the visit cost is 30€ + taxes plus 10€ for each additional hour.
  • Devices out fo warranty:
  • If our device arrives to our premises there will be repair cost (minimum charge is 50€ + taxes) and spare part cost.
  • In case that clients desire is the repair to be done in the fina users registered offices, then the repair cost will be 50€ + taxes plus 20€ for each additional hour.


The products warranty is valid until 12 months for the new and 6 months for the used after the invoicing date.

The warranty is not valid:

  • for the electrical, electronic and heating parts of the refrigerators (compressors unti, heating resistance etc) if the fault caused from external reasons, such as disbalance voltage caution or volt absence for this reason the user should provide for the correct installation.
  • for the refigerators after the installation or operation control from non authorized crew.
  • for the damage caused from buck or or from transportation accident.